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In performance, Shovels & Rope presents an ideal; on record, the band keeps it real and rough.

Stream Swimmin’ Time from NPR Music’s First Listen

Looks strangely like the cover art from my band’s release a decade or so ago… ;-)

I’m sure the music is far better…

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She blinded me with science (on the roof of the MD Science Center). NOTE: Thomas Dolby is a professor at Johns Hopkins, but I’ve not yet run into him.


Pick a card. Any card. I’ll have these available at all of my upcoming gigs. #tangiblemerch



Genius!  “…it’s not just geography that’s limited people from hearing rock ‘n’ roll. For those living in the U.S.S.R. at the time, Stalin’s government had totally restricted the dissemination of Western music. But there was one group of people called “stilyagi” (or “hipsters,” as we’d call them today) who were able to effectively distribute and keep such music alive in the Soviet Union using one of the sneakiest, most inventive ways imaginable: They’d press records on disposed X-Rays, which they collected en masse from hospital dumpsters.” - coslive

You just can’t stop music…


But please…


The zoo is now open. And it’s free!!!



Elbow frontman Guy Garvey has revealed that he is working on a solo side project. 

"I’m already working on lyrics for the next Elbow record, but I’ve also got a little bit of a side-project on the go," he said. "I don’t know what that’s going to be. I’m going down to Real World Studios to write some songs and see where it goes. I love being in the honest and even-handed democracy that is Elbow, but I fancy being the boss for a bit, so I’m going to do a side-project. It will either be great, and a right laugh, or a disaster, and a right laugh." Garvey added: "I don’t know what to call it. I don’t like the term ‘solo project’, because it won’t be that - I’ll be inviting friends to play on it. I’ll let the name pick itself as it progresses."

Besides working on this collaborative side-project, Garvey has also begun writing lyrics for the next Elbow album.

Looking forward to this…

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I think it should be ‘pose with your first guitar’ Wednesday. #yamaha from the early ‘70’s.